Disposable Face Mask, Level-2 3-Ply - (Case/40 boxes of 50 masks)
Disposable Surgical Mask, Level-2 3-Ply - pack of 50 (FM-5) Face Masks Vizocom
Disposable Surgical Mask, 3-Ply (FM-5)
Disposable Surgical Mask, 3-Ply (FM-5)
  • SKU: FM-5

    Disposable Face Mask, Level-2 3-Ply - (Case/40 boxes of 50 masks)

    $120.00 (Price per Mask : $2.40)
    Bulk Price: $7.50 (Price per Mask : $0.15)

      Product Description:

      Material: 1st Ply – Non-Woven Material

                       2nd Ply – Melt Blown Material

                       3rd Ply – Non-Woven Material

      Type: Disposable Face Mask

      Protection: Germs, Dust, Pollen

      Certification: FDA, CE

      Color: Blue

      Package Size: 20 X 20 X 4 in

      Packaging: 50 masks per pack, 40 box per case

      Technical Specs:

      Respirator Filter Class: 3 Ply

      Exhalation Valve: No

      Nose Clip: Yes

      Face Seal: None

      Mask Size: Universal

      Nuisance Odor Removal: None

      3 Ply Mask Features:

      • Sub-micron particulates filtration efficiency
      • Differential pressure, mm H20/cm2 (Breathability)<4.0
      • Resistance to penetration by fluid, minimum pressure in mm Hg for pass results = 80 mm Hg
      • Firmly attached and resistant to easy breakage

      Our 3-ply mask is a disposable facemask designed to help prevent contamination by capturing liquid droplets that are expelled by the user. They are also popularly worn by the general public to protect against smoke, pollen, and dust.

      The 3-ply masks are specifically developed for use by the general public in their everyday activities. It is also designed to be used comfortably by the elderly and the sick. It can fluids from contaminating the wearer through the mask. It also conforms to the technical requirements for 3 ply surgical masks, and important technical indicators include filtration efficiency and fluid penetration.