Since 2009, GDI Medical (the Medical Division of Green Dream International LLC) has been providing logistics and support services to various public and private agencies and health institutions throughout the US and internationally. We have successfully performed over 480 contracts with the federal government alone and an equal number of projects with various state and local governments, not to count the supply projects we have successfully performed for commercial institutions including many hospitals and health organizations.

GDI Medical has also been very active in health related services, including support for various public health emergency incidents such as the recent 2019 Hurricane Dorian in North Carolina or the public health emergency of 2016 due to the Zika virus outbreak as well as the public health emergency of 2010 for the H1N1 Flu outbreak.

GDI Medical has been providing bulk supplies to many federal and state/local agencies as well as hospitals and clinics throughout the country and we have established ourselves as a reliable source of medical supplies for these agencies and institutions.

We are also confident that we can provide the critical PPE supplies and services that are needed by public agencies as well as related institutions and those enterprises that are forced to continue to work despite the virus situation.

GDI Medical

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GDI Medical