The AiroDoctor is a modern air purifier, with a four-stage filter setup. It uses pre-filters, activated carbon, airborne particle
AiroDoctor Air Purifiers ... Discover the unique 4-stage filtration system in the AiroDoctor Antiviral Photocatalytic UVA LED Air Purifer
AIRDOCTOR 4-in-1 Air Purifier for Home and Large Rooms with UltraHEPA, Carbon & VOC Filters - Air Quality Sensor Automatically Adjusts Filtration
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    AiroDoctor Air Purifier


      The next generation of clean air technology

      Eliminates >99% of all tested viruses, bacteria and odors, without harmful residues1

      Cleaner and healthier air for your employees, clients, and visitors
      Thanks to the innovative, commercial-grade, UVA LED photocatalytic air purification system, AiroDoctor eliminates >99% of all tested viruses (including Human Coronavirus), bacteria, and odors to address the needs of your business during the pandemic and beyond...

      Cutting-edge technology

      With the unique UV LED photocatalytic filter, the AiroDoctor is able to cover the entire spectrum of harmful pollutant particles. Substance particles are made harmless: germs, odors, and hazardous gases don’t stand a chance!

      Thanks to its fine-pored structure, the AiroDoctor not only keeps the pollutant particles but also the airflow inside the device for longer. The intentionally increased time in the filter thus ensures a longer and more effective irradiation time for the substances to be destroyed.

      The photocatalytic filter is not only coated but consists of 250 grams of solid titanium dioxide (TiO2). It is the only filter of its kind and, thanks to its large surface effect, it is particularly low-wear and durable.

      Multi-level filter system

      The 4-way combination ensures excellent cleaning performance.

      Removes 99.9% of harmful substances

      The AiroDoctor breaks down pollutants, germs, smells, and spores without any residue.

      UV LED photocatalysis

      Scientifically tested and proven elimination of viruses, bacteria, and toxic gases.

      Filters, destroys, neutralises

      The AiroDoctor is equipped with a filter combination that combats the entire spectrum of air pollution. The pre-filter, airborne particle (HEPA), and activated carbon filter as well as the UV LED photocatalytic filter run at full power against dust particles, odors, bacteria, and viruses. For impressive and sustainable results. The AiroDoctor adsorbs and neutralizes even the smallest particles with a diameter of 0.1 µm. This makes the AiroDoctor ideal for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, laboratories, retirement homes, or medical practices.

      Products Specifications:

      • Product Name: AiroDoctor Air Purifier
      • Model Name: WAD-M20
      • Max. Room Size: Up to 2150 ft
      • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 282 ft3 /m
      • Noise Level (Max.): 55 dB
      • Filter Type: Pre Filter, Integrated (Carbon+HEPA) Filter, UVA LED Photocatalytic Filter with 250g Solid Titanium Dioxide.
      • HEPA Filter Grade: H13
      • Fan Speed: 1 ~ 8 Levels
      • Timer: 12 hours (max.), Set up in 1-hour increments
      • Filter Replacement Notice: Yes
      • Indicator Light of Air Quality: 4 Levels- Green (Good), Blue (Average), Yellow (Below Average), Red (Poor)
      • Energy Efficiency: Class 4
      • Rated Voltage: 110-220 V AC, 50/60 Hz
      • Power Consumption: 85 W
      • Weight: 25.4 lbs
      • Dimensions: 15.8 (W) × 9.1 (D) × 25.2 (H) inches

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