The City M air purifier includes certified HEPA (EN1822) and Molecular (activated carbon) filters.
Camfil City M Air Purifier is designed with filters that remove 99.95% of all particles down to the size of .03 microns and cleans the air of pollen, fungi, etc
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    Camfil - CityM Air Purifier


      City M Air Purifier

      The Camfil City M Air Purifier removes particulate using cleanroom level HEPA filters and gaseous contaminants removal using Camfil’s exclusive pleated adsorbent media. The City M acts as a stand-alone air cleaner for areas with high levels of contaminants or as a supplement to existing ventilation systems. Particulates such as pollens, bacteria, fungi,
      household dust, pet dander, particle emissions from building materials and furniture, and atmospheric dust are removed with an efficiency of at least 99.995%. The City M adsorber filter section removes contaminants such as ozone, organic gases, and odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as chemical contaminants that may be generated within the space or introduced from outside the room through ventilation air. 

      The Camfil City M:

      • Is available in a white or black enclosure. Compact in size, 28” tall by 13” wide by 13” deep, its appearance will not detract from room décor.
      • Intakes air through cabinets’ perforations on each side of the unit and exhausts purified air in a 360-degree pattern at the base of the unit.
      • Includes two filter modules that contain a cleanroom level HEPA filter and a gas and odor adsorber in each module. Camfil filters offer up to twice the life of filters that may be found in other common air cleaners. • Includes construction components that assure all of the air moving through the unit is purified.
      • Includes a quiet, energy-efficient fan, capable of moving up to 256 cubic feet of air per minute.
      • Includes an adjustable fan control that allows the user to customize airflow based upon contaminant load or personal preference. The controller includes six fan settings from 22 cfm to 256 cfm.
      • Plugs into any standard 120-volt three-prong electric outlet and uses less than 55 watts at full airflow output.
      • Is lightweight, less than 38 pounds, to allow portability from room to room.

      Typical applications include:

      • Office and professional environments
      • Educational facilities
      • Medical examination areas, waiting rooms, and patient care areas
      • Lodging and hospitality
      • Locker rooms, workout areas, and gymnasiums.

      Camfil is the largest air filter manufacturer in the world providing the highest quality air filter and air filtration systems to protect people, processes, and equipment. The filters used in City M are of the same quality used in high-level cleanrooms, operating suites, and hazardous contaminant applications.


      Includes particulate and molecular filters that deliver a healthier indoor environment by removing dust, contaminants, odors, and harmful particles.

      • Healthier, better-performing employees.
      • Less house cleaning.
      • Less asthma and allergy suffering.
      • Reduced environmental impact.
      • Less odor.

      Physical and Technical Specifications

      • Height (inches): 28
      • Wide (inches): 13
      • Depth (inches): 13
      • Weight (pounds) including installed filters: 35.27
      • Individual filter module weight (pounds): 8.75 (2 required for operation)
      • Minimum Ambient Temperature: -13 F
      • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 140 F

      Electrical Data:

      • Operating Voltage 110-120 Volts
      • Frequency 50-60 Hz
      • Motor Speed 3200 RPM (max)
      • Power 55 Watts (max)

      Fan Performance:

      Speed Airflow (cfm) Energy (watts) Noise * (dBA)
      1 22 4 16
      2 39 5 21
      3 56 6 28
      4 75 7 35
      5 148 19 45
      6 256 55 54


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