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Disposable Surgical Gown Level 3 - Pack of 10
Disposable isolation gown, Level 3 - pack of 10 (DG-8) Gowns & Coveralls Vizocom
  • SKU: DG-8

    Disposable Surgical Gown Level 3 - Pack of 10

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      Product Description:

      Material: 40g SMS + 38g PP+PE Reinforced Pad

      Type: High quality disposable nonwoven , isolation gown

      Color: Blue

      Size: Comes in L (47” X 59”)

      Style: Closed Front, Sleeves with Cuffs

      Technical Specs:

      Item: Level 3 Disposable Isolation Gown

      Protection Level: AAMI Level 3

      Certification: FDA, CE, EN13795, ISO 13485

      Package Size: 23 x 14.2 x 12.6 In

      Packaging: 10 Piece per bag , 50 Pieces per Case

      Isolation Gown Features:

      • Anti-fluid, Anti-Alcohol, Anti-static
      • Secure protection in arm and sleeves (Ultrasonic technology)
      • Durable, Comfort, lightweight, and breathable
      • Skin-friendly and Sweat-absorbent
      • Tear resistant, Flame Retardant
      • Soft white Spun lace on collar

      It’s critical that workers wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and understand the levels of barrier protection these items can afford them during work.

      At the heart of this AAMI standard are the four levels of barrier protection, ranging from level one, which is the lowest level of protection, to level four, which is the highest level. To attain level four, the material must be considered impervious.


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