Gloves Latex Disposable
Shamrock Disposable Latex Glove, 5 mil (Box of 100)
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  • SKU: MG-3S

    Shamrock Disposable Latex Glove, 5 mil (Box of 100)

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      Gloves Latex Disposable (100 pieces per box) - SKU: MG-3

      Disposable gloves serve a variety of uses in a variety of settings, from foodservice to cleaning to health care. Our high-quality latex gloves will keep hands, and whatever those hands are touching, clean, and safe.

      Latex, a natural rubber, is a popular choice for protective gloves. And our latex gloves fill all your needs: they're elastic enough to be comfortable for long periods of time. Their clean fit on the hands means there's no excess material to get caught or ripped. And they resist ripping, tearing, or puncturing, allowing you to be confident that you're keeping things clean.

      Latex Glove Features:

      • Protection from unwanted or dangerous substances
      • Beaded cuff makes donning easy
      • Easy donning and tight fit prevent rollback
      • Has a high level of touch sensitivity
      • Softness provides superior comfort and natural fit
      • Latex naturally offers chemical resistance
      • Ambidextrous and straight fingers

      Product Description:

      • Durable and tear-resistant – features a natural latex build that allows for heavy-duty use without fear of puncturing or tearing.
      • Designed with heavy-duty natural latex rubber and offers amazing tactile sensitivity for fine equipment handling

      Technical Specs:

      • Type: Disposable Latex Gloves
      • Style: Ambidextrous, Straight Fingers, Beaded, Cuff, Non-sterile
      • Material: Powder Textured
      • Color: White
      • Size: S, M, L, XL
      • Package Size: 14.6 x 9.5 x 9.1 In
      • Packaging: 100 Pieces per box. 10 boxes per case
      • Product ID: CEFM1294

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