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Box of Great Glove 2.5 mil Vinyl Gloves, 1000 count (NM700)
  • SKU: GDI-NM700xx-XS

Great Glove 2.5 mil Vinyl Gloves - Case of 1000 (NM700)


    The Great Glove 2.5 mil vinyl gloves offer excellent protection, functionality and value. Great Glove is ideal for hand protection for those involved in food service, manufacturing, and preparation. Other popular applications for the gloves include painting, cleaning, and general-purpose use. The gloves are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a synthetic material that is completely free of skin-irritating rubber proteins, helping protect you from Type I (latex) allergies. This value-based alternative to latex is a non-allergenic, non-irritating, and non- toxic compound. It delivers a looser fit and smooth, comfortable feel. Their powder-free finish aids professionals against contact dermatitis, skin irritation, allergies, and dryness.


    • Latex Free
    • Powder Free
    • Ambidextrous
    • Beaded-cuff


    • Eliminates the risk of latex protein related allergies
    • Exceptional strength and durability
    • Cost effective for activities that requires frequent glove change
    • Tactile sensitivity for better feel

    Technical Specs:

    • Material: Vinyl
    • Color: Clear
    • Size:  XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
    • Palm Thickness: 2.0 mil
    • Finger Thickness: 2.5 mil
    • Length: 9 Inches
    • Packaging: 100 Pcs per box
      10 box per case