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KN95 Mask - Box of 50 (FM-1A)
KN95 Mask - Box of 50 (FM-1A)
KN95 Mask - Box of 50 (FM-1A)
  • SKU: FM-1A

    KN95 Mask - Box of 50 (FM-1A)

    $25.00 (Price per Mask : $0.50)$35.00
    Bulk Price: $15.00 (Price per Mask : $0.30)

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      50 Pack KN95 Non-NIOSH Respirator 5-Ply Layer GB2626-2006

      Nan Qi Xing KN-1 KN95 disposable protective masks are GB2626-2006 standard respirators with ≥ 95% filter efficiency. Their flat foldable design provides effective easy-to-carry respiratory protection against harmful non-oily particles such as dust, powder, pollen, PM2.5 haze/smog particulate, influenza bacteria, droplets, and more.

      Each KN-1 KN95 consists of a soft skin-friendly mask body, nose clip, and welded mask belts that provide a secure but comfortable fit. KN-1 masks also function to protect against wind and cold but, please be aware, filter efficiency (BFE) protection provided by this product may be weakened for long-term use and under stretch or wet conditions.

      5-Layer Protection

      The mask body is divided into five layers: The first layer is polypropylene (PP) non-woven cloth (50g). The second layer is polypropylene (PP) ≥95 melt-sprayed cloth (25g). The third layer is polypropylene (PP) ≥95 melt-sprayed cloth (25g); The fourth layer is hot-air cotton (50g). The fifth layer is polypropylene (PP) non-woven cloth (25~30g).


      • ≥ 95% filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols.
      • Safe, breathable, and hypoallergenic with high filtration capacity.
      • Elastic ear-loops with no pressure to the ears.
      • Provides protection against dust and other harmful non-oily particles.
      • Clean and helpful, perfect for daily use and outdoor activities.
      • Made of non-woven material, they offer good skin tolerance and are comfortable to wear.

      Product Packaging:

      • 50 pcs per box
      • 30 boxes per case
      • 1500 pcs per case 


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