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KN95 Mask - (FM-1) - kn95 mask coronavirus
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  • SKU: FM-1

    KN95 Mask - Box of 20

    $14.00 (Price per Mask : $0.70)
    Bulk Price: $4.00 (Price per Mask : $0.20)

       KN95 Breathable Protective Mask

      • Adjustable nose piece and secure ear loop to provide a proper fit.
      • Superior protection against non-oil-based particles
      • Flexible elastic ear loops relieves pressure to the ears.
      • 5 layers providing ultimate protection

      Product Specifications:

      • FDA, CE, ISO
      • Adjustable nose clip, elastic earloop
      • White
      • 2 year shelf life
      • Non-planar folding mask

      KN95 Mask Features:

      • High filtering ability, extremely low resistance
      • and easy to breathe
      • Are glue-free and odorless
      • Powerful filtration system which prevents dust, small particles, mist and other pollutants from entering the respiratory tract
      • Soft and flexible nose bridge, can be adjusted independently to the face.

      While single layer masks can help keep you safe during light construction or cleaning activities, they offer little protection against very small particles traveling through the air. For protection against very small particles, a mask with filtration material is often required.

      Our KN95 masks conforms to the most stringent filtration standards. Our Disposable KN95 mask provides protection against non-oil-based particles such as those resulting from wildfires, PM 2.5 air pollution, volcanic eruptions, or bio aerosols. They are extremely durable, have a soft and comfortable inner surface, and an adjustable nose piece to provide proper fit.