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N95 Mask
N95 Mask - Box of 20
  • SKU: FM-3

    N95 Mask - Box of 20

    Price per item (Bulk): $2.13
    $70.00 $97.80
    • Min Order Qty: 2

      Product Description:

      Material: Non-Woven Fabric with a High Efficiency Filter Melt Blown Fabric Material

      Protection: Germs, Dust, Pollen

      Color: White

      Mask size: Folding type 4.5 x 6 in

      Ctn. size: 24 x 15.5 x 17 In

      Packaging: 20 masks per box, 45 box per case

      Technical Specs:

      Item: N95-V1

      Filter Class: Germs, Dust, Pollen

      Exhalation Valve: No

      Nose Clip: Yes

      Nuisance Odor Removal: None

      Respirator Shape: Molded

      N95 Mask Features:

      • 5 Ply with Exceptional Internal Filter for Low Breathing Resistance
      • PM2.5 filter helps to prevent dusts and other small particles
      • Extremely Adaptive to Facial structure
      • Individually Adjustable Nose Clip for Excellent fit
      • Elastic Head-Straps for Secure Seal
      • Deformable Nose piece to reduce Chaffing

        N95 respirator comes with 5 layers of non-woven fabric. They are breathable with no discomfort, and they are skin-friendly and soft. This product can be used in various indoor and outdoor settings and works against air pollutants, pollen, allergies and dust particles. Our disposable N95 mask provides protection against solids such as minerals, coal, iron ore, flour, and certain other substances.

        Each N95 mask is individually wrapped which prevents any problems or concerns around sanitization and sterilization during the shipment process. The mask has adjustable straps that wrap around your head for a tight seal and comfortable fit.


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