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Toilet Cleaner - Case of 12

Toilet Cleaner - Case of 12

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Name: Toilet Cleaner

Brand: Dr. Strong

Type: Detergent

Shape: Liquid

Color: Green, Red, Blue

Size: 16.9 oz (500ml), 23.7 oz (700ml), 33.8 oz (1L)

Fragrances and Bottle Coloring:

  • Strawberry----Pink
  • Ocean----Blue
  • Lime----Green
  • Lavender-----Purple
  • Citrus----Yellow

Main Ingredients: Deionized water, Citric Acid, Pigment, AEO-9, Essence, and AES

Packaging: 12 bottles/case


  • Unique curved mouth design
  • Gel liquid stable formula
  • Different kinds of uplifting fragrances that are effective in deodorization and last long, purifying the air of the toilet
  • Excellent cleaning ability: Remove soils and limescale/mineral easily
  • Kills 99.9% of germs - effective in killing bacteria and germs on the toilet and in the sewer pipe
  • New eco-friendly active matter, safe for human and toilets with no causticity and toxicity
  • Brightener and cleaner for toilet bowls
  • Suitable for using in hard-water areas


New Formula with Nice Fragrance Toilet Cleaner Liquid

Mr. Strong toilet cleaner liquid uses extra strong special formula and uplifting fragrance to clean dirt, limescale, rust, and yellow stains on your toilet.

With its unique designed special tip, it can easily reach even the most difficult corners of the toilet. It lasts for a long time and provides cleanliness, freshness and hygiene in your toilet.

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