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Factors to Consider When Buying Disposable Gloves

Whether you’re running a clinic, fast food restaurant, or laboratory, disposable gloves are an essential means of maintaining hygiene. In that case, you need to consider a few factors to ensure that your chosen gloves are suitable.


The material is the most important thing that determines the function and feel of disposable gloves. Here are the three most common types of glove materials in the market.


These gloves are chemical and puncture resistant and feature the longest shelf life. Nitrile gloves are also FDA-approved for the food industry and medical services. They’re a fantastic option for people with latex allergies.


With a natural rubber construction, these gloves are chemical resistant, biodegradable, and don’t hinder dexterity. Experts in different industries use these gloves for their excellent function and fit. However, they’re not suitable for professionals with a latex allergy.


Vinyl gloves are much more affordable than the ones we have mentioned above. They are perfect for short-term use. You can also find these gloves with stretch vinyl composition, featuring an excellent feel and fit without the risk of a latex allergy.


Another important factor to consider is thickness. Thicker gloves offer great protection and can resist tears, allowing for longer periods of use.

On the contrary, thinner gloves are prone to tears, and using them puts you at risk of contracting viruses. Thinner gloves also have poor sensitivity, which is not preferable for specific jobs. If you want to wear thinner gloves but your tasks require a high level of sensitivity, thinner gloves with nitrile construction are a suitable option.

Fit and Comfort

While choosing a glove, think about how it fits, the comfort level, and the sizing. Depending on your job, you or your employees may need to wear gloves to perform complex tasks. Due to work challenges, they may need to wear gloves for longer. It’s imperative to purchase comfortable gloves so that your staff can easily perform tasks without feeling uncomfortable.

You need to look for size options to allow better comfort. If a glove is too tight, it can limit blood circulation or even cause irritation. Consequently, this leads to low productivity and poor performance. On the other hand, if the gloves are too large, it leaves excess space between your hand and the glove, increasing the risk of contracting bacteria or viruses. If you’re not careful, bigger gloves can also fall off. So, when buying gloves, look for a variety that comes in various sizes. At the very least, get them in small, medium, and large sizes so they facilitate all your staff members.

Disposable gloves protect your hands from coming into contact with pathogens. Choosing appropriate quality gloves for a task can ensure safety and productivity. Material, thickness, comfort, and fit are the most important factors to consider before purchasing gloves for your staff. If you want to purchase premium quality gloves and are looking for a reliable provider, GDI can help. Contact us for more information!


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