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Stay Ahead with Smart Technology : Charge Max 30-Bay Laptop UV Cabinet

Especially in a fast-paced, tech-driven world of today where your devices are your lifelines, it is more crucial than ever to keep them clean and working. Say hello to the Charge Max 30-Bay Laptop Disinfection Charging Cabinet (CT-30BP) – the single most comprehensive tool designed to fulfill every single one of your device-charging and disinfection requirements in a single, sleek, and far-reaching solution.

Why Choose Charge Max?


Smart Switch Disinfectant

With a digital timer, the UV Disinfection System in Charge Max cabinets makes sure that other than charging, devices are actually disinfected too. After all of the connected devices are fully charged, the Smart Switch will automatically power off the AC power source, so that safety and energy conservation are assured.


UV Light Disinfection

With its powerful UVC lights, Charge Max destroys all the bacteria & germs from the exterior places of the gadgets. This is especially very much important in places like schools, offices, and healthcare centers where there is a huge demand for maintaining cleanliness.


High Capacity

With Charge Max, manufacturers are supposed to support a full spectrum of devices, no authorized adapter necessary. This cabinet can handle the charging of everything from laptops to tablets, or any other electronic gadget. Every 30 bays mean all your devices are charged to 100%, ready when you need them.


First things first - safety. Your safety is a top priority for us. The Charge Max cabinet is equipped with multi-layer safety protections to prevent current surge, voltage surge, power spike, and electric leakage. It also has earth grounding for safety.


Portable and Easy to Move

The Charge Max cabinet is mobile-ready and includes four robust wheels with front-wheel brakes, making it easier to move and park. This is constructed with coated steel for strength and is impervious to harsh weather conditions to be suitable for various locations.


Specifications Dimensions:

  1. Size: 26.4 x 21.6 x 44.9 inches
  2. Measure: 67(L) x 55(W) x 114(H) (in centimeters)
  3. Type: 3 Level / 30 Bays
  4. Model: CT-30BP


UVC Disinfection Cabinets For Multiple Uses

This Charge Max 30-Bay Laptop UV Cabinet becomes a great option for providing a complete solution to the charging needs of your devices as well as the sanitation requirement for it. With the flexibility of the cabinet, it can be in schools, office buildings, or hospitals where the cleanliness and ability to charge and secure the units will always be a priority.


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