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Disposable Isolation Gown, Level 1 -9


Disposable Isolation Gown Protective Suit Blue

  • Anti-Fluid Protection- (AAMI level 1) Protects the body from any outside splashes like blood and/or any liquid element.
  • Hassle-Free Clothing- User-friendly design for convenient wearability with proper ventilation.
  • Light Weight- Made from lightweight, multi-ply and non-woven material.


  • Breathable, flexible, and strong enough for tough duties
  • Made from lightweight fluid-resistant
  • multi-ply material
  • Sized for full coverage and flexibility
  • Constructed with waist and neck ties to ensure secure fit
  • For use in food service, industrial applications, and laboratory applications

Product Description:

Type: Level 1 Isolation Gown
Material: 100% Non-woven PP
Features: Round collar, belt, white knitted
Color: Blue
Packaging: 10 Pieces per Pack,
                   100 Packs per Case    
                     35 Cases per Pallet
Size: 2XL Fit All
Technical Specifications:
Item: Level 1 Isolation Gown
Fabric: 100% Non-woven PP
Style: Tie on collar and waist, white knitted
Body: 1 piece
Size: 2XL Fit All



Expiration Date: 2025-08-20




Our Level 1 isolation gown is designed for reliable and comfortable protection without restrictions on body movement.

The gown provides protection and acts as a lightweight protective barrier against liquids, dust, and grime.

AAMI guidelines are a widely accepted system of classification for protective apparel based on liquid barrier performance, and our gown conforms to AAMI Level 1.

The gown helps reduce the risk of contamination and transmission of infectious organisms.

It is made from PP non-woven fabric that give medical personnel the confidence and comfort they need to deliver the best possible patient care.