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Novaguard Orange Nitrile Gloves being worn by a person, showcasing the product's fit and color
The texture and material of Novaguard Orange 8 mil Nitrile Industrial Gloves highlighted in detail
A stack of Novaguard Orange 8 mil Nitrile Industrial Gloves from the case of 1000, emphasizing the quantity and packaging
A close-up view of Novaguard Orange 8 mil Nitrile Industrial Gloves from the case of 1000 (MG-E28O)
  • SKU: MG-E28OM

Novaguard Orange 8 mil Nitrile Industrial Gloves, Case of 1000 (MG-E28O)


    Our Novaguard heavy duty 8 mil diamond textured orange industrial nitrile gloves provide premium protection with enhanced durability.

    The gloves have very good stretch, and the thickness ensures they have excellent resistance to tears, abrasions, and punctures. The raised diamond texture provides maximum functionality for auto repair, janitorial, painting, manufacturing, plumbing, & many other industrial tasks.

    Orange gloves also have very high visibility that improves safety. They are a very good fit for automotive, industrial, and food handling applications.


    Nitrile Glove Features:

    • Constructed from heavy-duty 8 mil nitrile with raised diamond fully textured grip
    • Offer excellent elasticity, puncture resistance, and chemical resistance
    • Diamond texture channels away liquid ensuring excellent grip
    • The reversed texture on the inside helps to keep the air circulating


    Product Description:

    Material: Nitrile

    Color: Orange

    Type: Disposable Heavy Duty Nitrile Glove

    Inner Treatment: Polymer Coated

    Outer Surface: Finger & Palm Textured

    Package Size: 9.76 x 5.31 x 4.29 in

    Packaging: 100 Pieces per box, 10 box per case


    Technical Specs:

    Item: Disposable Industrial 8 Mil Orange Nitrile Examination Gloves

    Style: Heavy Duty, Diamond Textured

    Size: M, L, XL

    Length: Minimum 240 mm

    Thickness: 8.0 mil

    Weight: 8.5 g