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Box of SkinTx FIT 5 Mil Latex Examination Gloves with product code GDI-900FIT
  • SKU: GDI-900FIT-S

SkinTx FIT 5 Mil Latex Examination Gloves (GDI-900FIT)


    Our SkinTx Fit 5 Mil Latex Examination Gloves provide reliable medical protection. Made from strong, natural latex, these powder-free gloves offer a second-skin-like fit, unmatched comfort, and enhanced performance. They are designed to minimize latex sensitivity issues with low protein content. The gloves also reduce the risk of cross-contamination with their residue-free finish, making them suitable for various applications like electronics, forensics, and laboratories.

    With a beaded cuff, polymer coating, and excellent barrier against viruses and bloodborne pathogens, these gloves ensure high strength, elasticity, and finger dexterity for reduced hand fatigue. Available in a range of sizes and packed for convenience.


    • Item: Disposable Latex Examination Gloves
    • Brand: SkinTx Gloves by TG Medical
    • Material: Latex
    • Color: White
    • Powdering: Powder-free
    • Type: Biodegradable, Textured, Polymer coating
    • Style: Ambidextrous, Beaded Cuff
    • Size: XS, S, M, L, XL
    • Palm Thickness: 5 mil
    • Finger Thickness: 6 mil
    • Length: 9 in
    • Packaging: 100 Pcs per box (90 Pcs for XL) / 10 boxes per case